work on the git api

A long time ago I put together a read-only git API for my old site and used it to power the code page (most of the repos are missing right now...). I put together a little static page to explore the API here. Beyond that, I didn't put it to a whole lot of use.

When we wanted to provide information about the state of 3dpe however it was a great opportunity to reuse a system I already had built. The ticker on the homepage pulls from that same git API. The forums support commit info related bbcode as well, which porygit uses when posting news of new commits.

That code is D and directly forks the `git` binary with some careful sanitization. While the code continues to run, it is very old and uses a lot of now deprecated functionality. It probably wouldn't be a huge pain to get it compiling again, but I thought it a good idea to try out libgit2 instead.

Not everything has been replicated from the old system, but a new static API play page has been setup on the work subdomain.

The idea is to use it on our work page in the future, probably with information about my recent activity.

As always, this post is incomplete and I'll loop back around and complete it... sometime ;)

originally posted 2016-12-18