onify: pastel wallpaper generator

onify is used to generate simple tiled wallpapers using squares or hexagons (with variable/no gaps), or random voronoi diagrams. The size and positioning of the square/hex grid are random. The colorscheme is also slightly random, created by mutating a base colorscheme.

Examples (click to see uncropped versions):

Right now the code for the square, hex, and voronoi versions are near copies of each other. They need refactored and cleaned up, but they work.

My setup currently automatically flips through wallpapers with:

function genWallpaper() {
        if [[ $((RANDOM % 2)) -eq 1 ]]; then
                onify_hex '/home/jac/shm/onify.png'
                onify '/home/jac/shm/onify.png'
function flipWallpaper() {
        feh --image-bg black --bg-center '/home/jac/shm/onify.png'

while true; do
        sleep 90s

The hermes site has a few screenshots/screencasts of what the wallpaper looks like under my terminal: http://hermes.jac2.net/.

originally posted 2017-03-24