schema_ex(p): partial c++ to sql/c++/python transpiler

Lately I have been messing with SQL more and more along with various ways to interface to databases. I probably need to write up something about my toy little python and c++ based interfaces at some point. This has primarily focused on making it easy (for me) to use SQL through python or c++ by generating parts of SQL and giving me clean(ish) interfaces to use. For example wrapping the C style `func_type` function groups in overloads/templates to support binding arbitrary type and number of arguments.

The whole this has left is initial schema generation. In the process of writing the schema for the battle engine portion of 3dpe I quickly got tired of repeating myself with foreign key constraints and extra tables for translations and thought it would be more fun to write something that takes a set of c++ types and generates schema and in the future interface code.

The README has a pretty comprehensive description of the types of things it does and the repository includes several example inputs.

on github
example output and usage
here (currently a 404...)

originally posted 2016-11-07